I've been a bad little blogger, I know I have.

I haven't been very active, I know.

I've been neglecting my blogging duties, but now I have an explanation.

You see, this is more of a combination of factors than just a single reason. Firstly, I've been seriously busy: with Advanced Maths, Advanced Physics and Chemistry, Advanced Biology and Geology, Portuguese, English and German- not to mention the bane of my existence, Philosophy, I simply haven't had the time to review and blog as much as I did, which is to say, at all. However, those of you who are familiar with school breaks and terms know that school has only started... a few weeks ago. Really, that first reason is just an excuse. The truth is, blogging simply isn't that much fun anymore, and I'm not the kind of person who keeps doing stuff willingly without gusto, so that is the real reason this has been, well, dead for the past few months.

HOWEVER, I doubt this will be like this forever, so I will not delete this blog because I'm way too lazy to start another one when I'm tired of being tired so I'll just keep this one, maybe write a post or two occasionally, change the blog layout (that is definitely a must) and eventually keep going like nothing's happened.

Meanwhile, even if I post nothing in here, know that you can read my magnificent,wonderful, very unique point of view (insert sardonic coughing) on my other blog, the group blog, the one I'm incapable of abandoning (unless they kick me out, which would be a pity), the blog I like to visit to read my co-authors' very interesting and often insightful POVs, For the Love of Reading.

I am writing this because of the emails that come occasionally from authors and publishers which I don't have the guts to answer, and (mostly) because of the people who may come here and check this out even though it is only one tumbleweed roll away of being officially deserted.

So, this is what happens, and what will happen. I think you should know.
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