Hi, sorry I've been MIA, but I haven't had time to blog at all! I HAVE been reading though, just nothing worth reviewing, some non-fiction books, and IO don't review those because they're not fiction. Those things really happened and though I can review the writer's way of expressing him/herself, I just don't like to.

Anyway, my blogoversary is getting closer and closer, and there are a few changes I'd like to make:

  • Blog name and URL:
I'm so tired of Books are like People
  • Layout
  • Posting:
I don't want to just post reviews. I want to be more... unique than that
  • if I remember anything else, that too, will go to this list
Why don't ou tell me what you think? Got any suggestions?
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7 Responses
  1. Eugine Says:

    Um hmm, first off, good idea about the change. Everybody needs a change now and then.
    I know what you mean by wanting to do something more unique but nothing comes in my mind... but then again, I'm not the most creative person to ask ;D
    I try out my "uniqueness" with my reviews - I don't just write down my thoughts, I try to write then in a form of a debate or write the review in verse or whatever.

    For an inspiration: http://ginnys-notebook.blogspot.com/2011/04/fighting-against-mainstream.html

  2. I know exactly what you mean. I like posting reviews - being I'm book obsessed - but too many just deters me. I feel like I want to just talk sometimes, ya know? I think that uniqueness is good, very good in fact. I'm excited to see what you have coming up.

    In the Closet With a Bibliophile

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